Cannot connect to battleNet

I’m guessing I’m temp banned from d2. I have no idea why I have not played in over 10 years decided to install it and after a day of playing i can no longer connect. Can someone tell me why and how long the ban will last. It’s going on 3 days now.

If you can, just get a new IP address (if you aren’t using a static IP). If you use a VPN, you will get a 2 week ban without warning.

lol i thought i was banned too. there are a lot of people that can’t connect. we’re getting the “Your CD key is currently is use by … (your name)” message

Something isn’t right on the server side. I hope we get an update soon… tm.

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you’re right. we do need an update. on a. what’s happening b. est. time of being back up(battlenet)

is it me or did battlenet probably ban the bot accounts???

I’ve tried the new IP address and no dice.

I literally just starting playing so how I would bot with no gear sounds kinda stupid don’t you think? So your point is irrelevant take your stupidity elsewhere please.

Yes blizz does need to do something I don’t care how old the game is at the end of the day we are still charged for it in respect to that we deserve more support than what we are getting now. I’ve gone through multiple posts and forums this is a common problem meant to deal with bots. Only thing is bots get away with it and people that play legitimately are affected. Complete bs.

My key is still in use. Im going to wait another 24 hours (its been 48 already) and then submit a ticket. It seems that a ticket to clear my key may be the only solution.

I’ve been trying for several days, also contacted customer support who pretty much just ended up saying they couldn’t do anything about it and send me here to bug repport…

Seems like nobody from Blizzard is working on fixing this…

I am in the same boat.

I am able to play in a hotel room on my work laptop when I am gone for business, but unable to play at home? When I was playing just fine for the past 2 years. I have 0 hacks, 0 mods, 0 3rd party software, 0 VPN, I dont spam. I dont cheat… but I am unable to play at home all of a sudden… i dont get it, neither does blizzard obviously.

I get the “unable to connect to bnet, try again in a few mins” for the past 2 weeks now.

Try running as an administrator.

If a prompt comes up telling you to close the game and try again follow these steps:

1.) CTRL+ALT+Delete
2.) Go to Task Manager
3.) Go to Processes
4.) Find Diablo II and end the process
5.) Go back and open D2 LOD as an admin

This worked for me, not saying its a guarantee but I had this very problem, followed these steps and boom im in.

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So if I am using a VPN and log into my account before I turn it on or off, they will auto temp ban my account just because it was detected as logging in from a unknown location? Thats pretty shotty imo

Yes, to my current understanding your getting banned just for having one. Mine was off and that’s what I was banned for.

Same problem for me - suspected the VPN. Realizing now that Blizzard’s service is absolute trash.