Cannot access any EU Blizzard site's


Like mentioned in topic, I can’t access any Blizzard websites located in EU region nor can I login into the Battle. net. I have tried to login throught games themselfs, it doesn’t work. That’s why I’m typing and asking for help here in NA forums. I live in Slovenia, thanks for help.


Same problem, same country.
Friends have same issues.

Some attention, please?


Same here man cant play anything sucks…


Update; Heartstone just updated itself, Still cant get the APP to go online.


Same here, weirdly one of my mates in the same locale and server has no issues, while me and another cant even get bnet to work properly/online. Wtf


Same here, he lives 2 km away from me, he played Diablo from early morning hours, but me, i can’t even start the b. net app… I also contacted my internet provider and they said that the problems were at Blizzard…


Update: seems to be fixed now.


Same here, it is fixed.


fixed now…