Can you update the China version of Blizzard Authenticator?


The China version of Blizzard Authenticator(Android) has not been updated for a long time.

Since the package name is the same as the international version, Google Play Store has been prompted to update.

Even the Google Play Store will automatically update Blizzard Authenticator.

This directly led to the failure of the “one-click login” function.

I hope to update the Chinese version of the Blizzard Authenticator simultaneously.

It is also best to improve the push function of the China version.

If not, then I hope to change the China version of the package name to “cn.blizzard.bma”. That will not affect the international version.

And in the Simplified Chinese page of Blizzard Authenticator on Google Play, the link cannot be recognized normally because the link is not separated from the text and punctuation.

Similar problems also appear in Hearthstone (Update Log), Overwatch League, StarCraft WCS and Diablo Immortal.

Thank you for reading.