Can you change that D4 paragon board design?

I hate that D4 paragon board design, as much as I hate that constellation thing in P.O.E. It’s a terrible design. Simply ask “why?” Why is it a board? And you want it to rotate??? Like in Wolcen? It’s just unnecessary complexity. Just change the visuals from a complicated board into skill/passive trees, pages, or something. It’s much easier to navigate and share builds that way.

Imagine if someone shares a build, and then you ask what paragon points you put? And every time your friend shares a build with you, they throw you a screenshot of bunch of holes at you.

What’s that word for fear of holes? Trypophobia? People with this phobia can’t play this game then.

That’s going to give me a real headache.

Can you change that paragon board design? Into something more clear, and easier to navigate and share.

I hope someone can get this to the devs.