Can we get the Classic Diablo UI back on PC ver?

When the game running on PC, the UI is not good for the big screen, Specifically say is the skill icons and the HP Bar are so remote, that there are hard to be noticed when the fighting begins, and the vision of a player is limited.

By the way, the Classic Two Ball (Left HP Bar Ball, Right Source Bar Ball, MID Skill icon Bar)UI is the Diablo game Tradition look, I believe every Diablo fan would like to see the Classic Two Ball return!!!

Report this in #di-bug-report since developers are monitoring that forum.

Why would Blizzard redesign a MOBILE game to a classic PC layout? The PC client is literally there to tide PC gamers over with a new Diablo title until Diablo4 is released. For the classic layout to be used, it would require almost the same amount of work to develop a new game & take resources away from the D4 teams, possibly delaying D4 further.

It’s not a BIG work for the development team, if the game supports the 3rd party interface installation, the skill layout UI can be done easily, just like the WOW.