Can’t decline friend requests that were declined on desktop first

iOS 12.4 - iPhone 8+ Bnet app version 1.4.5 (3625)

If I receive Battle net friend requests and decline them on desktop they persist on mobile, if you choose decline on mobile to try and clear them out you get an error message and they stay. The only fix I’ve seen for this is to logout is the app and log back in, which is a pain with complex generated passwords on mobile and having to re authenticate. These orphaned friend requests also persist as notifications on the app icon which is quite annoying.

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I am having the same issue. I declined a friends request on my pc and it has remained on the mobile app. When I try to remove the friend request it gives me an error. Please can someone look into fixing this please as this mobile app helps me remain in contact with my friends when I’m not able to be in game.

The same thing happened to me 2x already. The only way to remove the friend request from the app is to log out or uninstall.
Battle,net 1.4.8, iOS 13.1.2

I uninstalled and logged in again, and I’m still having the same friend request glitch, idk what else to do, so that’s why i’m here

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