Can Starcraft2 different game versus matches speed damage my brain?

I’ve heard from a wise man that:
“To do the same things and expect for different results is a signal of insanity.”

Ok but, how about a game, an eSport?
I expect the same game versus matches speed when I play. But it is constantly changing.

I am not a psychologist/psychiatrist but I think games like Megamania or Enduro helped me to improve my brain and hands reflexes when I was a child. Maybe more and still helping me now. It will also help me in the future not to develop Alzheimer as someone said.

But as I said I am not an expert, and I think changing the game speed many times expecting it to be always the same in order to practice to became professional player, that it can make me insane sometimes.

Don’t worry, not an excuse for something else. I am still conscious and still playing. Something to think about. It is an arrow that was changed in the game world and it may damage the actual and future of game players.

Can you also realize that? What is your opinion, expert or not?

There are some people in my country that avoid transgenic because they think it may damage their body in the future. So, I may ask:

“Does Starcraft2 different game versus matches speed is damaging my brain?”

I noobly think it does. Maybe the psychologist/psychiatrist that worked in the project and Starcraft2 player with more then 20 thousand game versus matches or not, could respond it to us.