Can I play D2R please

I would like to play the game please. While it is still the weekend. My character, is not in fact, already in a game on the server.

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Same thing going on here and to contact an actual support I have to email from pc errors I don’t know what to do, restarted router and connections hard reset on Xbox re installed the game nothing works

In case someone comes along. Blue did post some specs in the D2R forums which were reviewed. It appears Blue has an integrated graphic card that is below minimum requirements.

No idea who that is. I honestly thought at one point while trying to get a ticket, I accidentally uploaded something, but no, that is not me in the slightest. Sorry. However, good news, I am playing now.

Ugh. I am so sorry. The one time I don’t check which “Blue” it is by checking the numbers after the name!

Glad you are playing now.