Can i just please play the campaign

For the record. I am a game player but I am not a ‘gamer’. I have always enjoyed playing all the Call of Duty games. Have every one since the beginning. I DO NOT like playing online with other gamer’s. I know, lame but it is me. I enjoy the campaigns much more on veteran levels. I do not play every night it may be a couple weeks then a weekend that I do play. Since COD left Steam and went to Blizzard I try to play the game and everytime there is a 60GB update more than likely for the online players. I do not have slow internet and I do not have the most expensive or fastest. BUT it works. I have been waiting for a update for two days to download and this is not the first time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. GIve it back to Steam or give the option to JUST PLAY CAMPAIGN WITHOUT 300GB updates over the last three months. PLEASE.