Can I get a mod or admin to tell me if I have a ban?

Tried everything under the sun to log onto and keeps saying cannot connect, from what I gathered I accidentally used a VPN while playing and want to know how long my IP is banned and also does attempting to login reset the time?

Hey there JohnnyBravo,

It does look like the account has a two weeks restriction on it. Weather or not logging in resetting it will happen depends on the source of the issue. That should only happen if the problem is still present.

I might suggest uninstalling all traces of the game, then reinstalling a clean copy from our website. This will help ensure the game files are not corrupted or modified.

From there use only a normal home network, no VPN, host, proxy, or other similar services.

Kaldraydis Can you tell me if i have a ban? its doing the same thing to me.