Can I be taken seriously, even if it were just for a few moments?

There is also the fierce debate on whether the plural form of the singular octopus is:

  • octopi
  • octopuses
  • octopodes
    And, my favourite, yet not very realistic:
  • octopeese (gleaned/derived from goose to geese)

Yes. Numerous dictionaries and linguists have already placed their support towards “octopuses”. Yet, I think that the debate is far from over.


Don’t mean to be rude but English is by far the easiest language to learn.

I was born in Quebec my main language is French and that is a really really annoying language.

In English you guys don’t need genders for objects. A table is a table. In French a table is feminine and a tree is male. This greatly reduces the conjugation you need to do.

Another point, accents.
How many damn accents do we have in French? Four. é, è, ê and ë.
Some of those can also be used in some circumstances for letter a i and u.
There’s also the Ç used for very very few words.

Exceptions, you think you have many? But everything is a damn exception in French. This is why I much preferred mathematics over French in school because it’s logical unlike French.

So yeah you guys have it REAL easy with English.

Don’t get me started on Mandarin lol, that is by far the hardest language to learn. (No I haven’t tried)

You must have proper and bad English confused. I’m meaning learning the language enough to submit a full essay to some grammar master for evaluation without error, not the basic 1000 word grasp of the language that newspapers must write for.

Besides, maybe you picked it up easier than others. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy for everyone.

Unique starts with a vowel sound. It sounds like U, a vowel.

Actually, “an” doesn’t apply to U at all, it seems.

unique: yo͞oˈnēk
yellow: yelō
Both start with the y consonant sound.

Would you say “The glass has a yellow tint.” or “The glass has an yellow tint.”?

“Do you have an umbrella?”

I thought it had something to do with the consonant aspect of Y.

Totally off topic, but I just want to say that the reason the bible say god’s name cannot be spoken is because it has no vowels. The reason it has no vowels is because his name is a vibration that can be heard, but human vocals can’t repeat it into words. A little fun esoteric talk before lunch.

Learning English is the easiest of all.

That is why I cannot respect Spanish speakers who couldn’t be bothered to speak English on English servers in games.

All of us French millennials did it, so why can’t the Spanish zoomers do it too

Wait? What happened to the debate about the plural form for octopus?
Don’t mind me. Carry on. :blush:

i wonder if asian languages like chinese, korean and japanese have an easy time learning each others languages, like we have an easy time learning english in european countries. i agree some of them really dont have excuses, except maybe its rooted within their culture not to care, so they have poor teachers too. germans are also bad at learning english, but i would almost call it plain lazy in some cases. i have one german friend that seems to get pissed off every time he does not know a word and makes no effort to look it up, instead just comes up with an explanation of the word and adds on top what its called in german. sometimes he assumes there are no english equivalent for the word. i am danish and i know the equivalent words for both german and english compared to the danish ones, so he has no escape. if i cant find an equal, then i put out a large one-man research team (me) and find out the roots of the word

i actually think russia has it worst. the stereotype russian who refuses to write anything but russian is comical, but i know some of them who really try to learn english and even hate their mother tongue, but its incredibly hard for them. their language is just one of a kind, compared with other languages no one speaks worldwide. like mongolian, or something. kind of has similar letters. but idk. and they probably have terrible teachers who hate english as well

as for the words unique and yellow having a in front, it might have something to do with its predecessor languages too. the sound “ye” and “u” made in those words, is the same sound our j makes in danish. for example the viking jelling stones is pronounced yelling stones. i agree that vikings like to yell. my mom yells all the time. i would not be surprised if old english used to have the same approach to that letter. when i first start digging into old english, i see a lot of words similar to danish that have been changed completely. like spider for example. its called edderkop in danish and used to have a similar word in old english

could call them octop*ssies

speaking of swear words, im amused you can write piss/pissed but not sh*t

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Icelandic may be one of the few most difficult to learn languages.
There may also be a number of Indigenous languages which have either disappeared or which are only spoken within the very small community of remaining members and which may challenge our language learning abilities.

The crack you must be smokin’ I swear bro…

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