Can I be taken seriously, even if it were just for a few moments?

Some peeps keep speculating about a Remastered version of Diablo 2. I think that we ought to focus on what might best improve the already awesome legacy game of Diablo 2.

Are you sitting down?
Here is my paradigm shifting and what I think is the ultimate idea:

A secret :goat: level where the goat demons are anything but easy. Picture a secret goat portal which can only be opened by transmuting a single unid’d anni along with a number of Standard of Heroes. The number of Standard of Heroes ought to be the same number as the number of team members who are going to go through the portal. The goats are supa-hard. Impossibly hard. But, their loot is incomparable. Loot to end all loot. Total end of all end game items. After the last goat demon dies, which is next to impossible, the portal to exit the area closes. What happens next is too freakin’ good. If you were Softcore, your character turns to Hardcore. Hardcore players will remain Hardcore. Now, for the best part, full team hostile is enabled. No partnering bonuses occur. Only one survivor is freed from this level. If you quit the game, your character drops all its items and stands still for someone to kill. As you kill another player’s character, your abilities are amplified. So, be first to gain the advantage.

What say you? Come, join me in petitioning for a secret goat level that will be filled with such frights and delights. You can do it! :goat:

**╲/\(╭•̀ﮧ •́╮)/\╱\**

Secret goat level? They are basically impossible to kill, but gives you uber loot if you do kill them? And the whole blood bath bash at the end? Naah

While new content is an impossible dream to have in Diablo 2, I don’t think this is in the right direction.

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I won’t jump on board until bots are doing it with us. (lol)

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Hah! The goat portal comes with a Warden 5.0 feature. If a bot or any characters running exploits try to enter instant cdkey permanently disabled. Only hoomans. :upside_down_face: :wink:

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After seeing what they did to WC3 how could anyone in their right mind think blizzard is capable of remastering anything? Are you new to blizzard?


Saying Blizzard is incapable or remastering their legacy games is ignorant and clearly contrived. Blizzard has been very successful remastering three of the four games thus far.

The disdain for War3:R very much has to do to the fact that Blizzard pissed off almost everyone who used host botting and it was literally release shortly after the banning of a professional player for protesting CCP. Yes, Blizz did screw up with War3:R, even lied, but it’s being fixed and it’s no where near as bad as it was made out to be. As for streamers and Youtubers that said it was bad, they were just saying what their community wanted them to say so as not to lose viewership.

All that being said, I don’t trust Blizzard to remaster D2, though I want them to because when they do I know that they will actively combat botting, which will allow me to have the first 99 barbarian across all remaster ladders. Botters don’t want a remaster for obvious reasons.

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3? They only remastered StarCraft and Warcraft 3. The GOG ports were just patched.

And the problems with war3 go waaay beyond host botting.

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WoW Classic.

We will see the same negativity when Blizzard releases D2 onto the launcher, because all the botters will be booted and I suspect many accounts with years of gear from many dollars spent will disappear. Then it too will get terrible reviews.

iirc there is still bot problem in wow classic

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The legit community will eventually come back, essentially a rebranding of the franchise when the news of bots being gone is a thing.

There is not a very big base following right now even with all the third party servers combined. Most of it is single player, and i’m not sure on those stats but if i had to guess i would say its about ~60% more than what we see. By those numbers i’m going to say there might be 60k-100k+ players if its released.
I have no idea, though. I am no expert in that field, just an educated guess. It might even be way higher if it’s done right.

The problem with third party trading is still an issue, however. One of the reasons I don’t like path of exile is the trade platform they made, it makes it too easy to get ridiculously geared. You might argue you can play without it, but that does not hold true when you PvP. The D2 PvP community alone is pretty toxic, so an argument can be made to forsake them; I don’t like that idea personally. Most of them are botters anyways, so maybe it will be an entirely new animal when botting is axed on the new system.


This is the second ladder in a row I’ve not played on and I’ve got no accounts I’m keeping permed. If they get rid of the bots I’ll be back in a heart beat.

Your figures for active number of players is 3 - 5 million in potential remaster sales. I believe they would easily sell half a million copies if they did a good job with it. I also would not be surprised at all if they sold 10 million copies. D2 is a mega giant of sales already for a 20 year old game. The nostalgia alone will sell insane numbers of copies. People will spend $50 just to rehash some memories, even if only playing for a week or two.

But we may only get the game moved to the launcher and we use our current keys.

$50 is a bit steep for a game that people already own IMO. That is close to the price you’d pay for one of a large number of newly released triple A title games. Around $20 is more of an attractive price.

But they should follow the same path they took with SC:R, the standard graphics version becomes free to play, you only pay for the enhancements.

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$50 is far better, especially as a deterrent to use hacks/bots, as well as a larger stream of revenue for hack detection. On top of that they should charge $10 a month to play the game on bnet.

They should completely remove the current game from bnet, but allow everyone’s existing characters be moved to single player/IP/TCP, unlock the rune words, panda event and dclone. Then just wash their hands of the legacy game except to sell it as a single player only game. Then have the legal team write up an order to jsp saying they cannot use their remaster IP on their site.

I just destroyed d2jsp and made it very costly to bot when caught. ActiBlizz is currently taking action against hacking websites for CoD, and they need to do the same for a remaster, D:I and D4.

Final note to really sink the nail in the botter coffin, remove the hostility button from characters made on and moved to nonladder on the remastered game.

Diablo II currently costs $9.99 and then LOD additionally costs $9.99 on Blilzz’s website. Why would they sell a remastered version of the game with expansion for .02 more than the 20 year old game currently sells for?

Comparing it to Warcraft 3 or StarCraft isnt fair either. Starcraft was remastered to try to be the same exact game. Warcraft 3 took in player’s recommendations and had some changes built into it. We dont even know if Blizz will remake Diablo 2, let alone if it would be a straight remaster or would have player recommended changes.

And for those saying, “but the source code is lost for D2”, they rebuilt StarCraft without the original source code. Yes someone found the lost source code CDs right before the remaster release, but they had already remade everything by that time by basically eye balling it using old game manuals, old videos, and old pics. The only original code they had was the game music soundtrack.

The source code for Diablo 2 is not lost (at least, not all of it), the assets are. (part of at was assembly, for which i’m not sure on the details…) The strongest argument i’ve seen against a remaster is the recreation of assets while retaining the feel (Brevik). I think Blizzard has some talent still, with enough time and effort it can probably be done, but that’s my opinion.

I could see a reality where Blizzard reaches out to the original developers to help the game out (mainly with design and feel), but I have a feeling it will take a bit of time. I figured more would have been done since 2016, but for what they have I imagine they are trying to make what they have work.

One of the early ideas was to have gear bound like it was in WoW, that back in the day was not a very popular idea; I was actually against it personally. The problem in my opinion, is that botting has gone unchecked (kinda-sorta) for a really long time and has changed the main player base. I remember when if you were caught buying items on ebay it would result in a ban.

That reporting system still exists today ( )

You won’t get a reply form that email, but I can almost guarantee you that they do get read. They always have been in the past and there’s no reason that’s changed now. Before you would include screenshots, proof of botting, and some other information which i’ve now forgotten. Send as much detailed information to this e-mail as you can, basically.

I love how threads have a life of their own. We start with a pitch for a challenging secret goat level that turns to a full on one char left standing brawl to a comment of not playing until bots are impeded. Then, an intense discussion on WoW and StarCraft to item trading and player to bot ratios. Lastly, this thread goes from a debate on pricing of a new Diablo release to reporting malicious players.

Forum threads have a life of there own. It’s awesome!

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Report the public chant bots. You soon find out Blizz does nothing with that email.

It’s called a conversation. If we were all sitting around the fire your goat suggestion would have never been finished and we’d be onto a new topic, such as how this thread has evolved.

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Don’t get me wrong, you are an unique rabbit, just like everyone else, and we love you.

(“an unique” is awkward to pronounce.)

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The correct usage of a or an before a word only applies to how the word is spoken. It is grammatically correct to say “a unique” because the word unique begins with a consonant sound. On the flip side, an example of another exception to words starting with a consonant but spoken with a vowel, “hour”, you don’t say “a hour”.

It’s one of the many silly reasons why English is the hardest language to learn.

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