Can i be reported and banned for this?

So i won’t waste your time with heavy info, i’ll make this short and sweet, i’ve had countless people claiming that they will report for this, I was valla for this example, so a team fight breaks out in the bottom lane, allies are all low and run away i’m alone top and the enemies (all 5 of them) are pushing our bot first fort, we’ve pushed top to their 2nd fort, i see the opportunity and hard push top and get all the way to their core before running away, they’ve only destroyed 1 fort while i’ve taken their 2nd and 3rd, this was on temple of anubis, I feel this split push was extremely good however the alarak who was on my side said “Report? Yea, Report” and i’ve seen so many repeats of this, if i see an ally azmodan or Xul or even a damn ETC split pushing i let them and don’t question it, why do i suddenly get reported for this? issue was the whole enemy team was 100% hp and most of my allies were around 40% so even if i did go down to fight what could i do in a 1v5? i took my chances and pushed, was this the wrong thing to do? did i deserve a report for this? happens a lot, feel like i’ll get banned eventually for simply playing the game.