Can Blizzard fix the download speeds on updates already?!

Every damn time there’s an update… takes FOREVER. Usually get 10-20KB/s download speeds, occasionally might spike up to a few MB but quickly drops back down.

Happens on any computer I play on. Happens on any internet line (when I’m on gig lines). Freaking ridiculous and it’s starting to piss me off enough I’m almost ready to toss the game in the trash and be done with it. When I’m ready to play, I’m ready to play NOW. Now in a freaking hour when the update that isn’t even that large decides to bother finish downloading.

I’ve seen numerous other complaints about the same thing. Some people say setting a download limit has fixed it for them, but that did nothing for me. Why is Blizzard not addressing this issue?! Good lord.

I type this as I’ve been sitting here waiting on a 5GB update to download now for well over an hour.

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Posting this because it’s a fix that worked for me that hasn’t been echoed 1000 times.

Try navigating to account settings > connections and removing them.