Can’t use my number, how else can I authenticate my account?

With OW2 around the corner, I’ve done everything I can to ensure my account is safe and secure except for adding my number, because it won’t let me.
I use Cricket so it is prepaid, unfortunately.
Are there any other ways to ensure I can play OW2 without using my phone number? I’m not going to change services just to play a game, but I do have over $100 worth of cosmetics tied to my Overwatch account, so I would hate to just abandon it because Blizzard thinks everyone has the same carrier.


I’m having the same dilemma. I’ve been a loyal blizzard customer for over a decade and now I’m essentially going to be blacklisted because of my prepaid phone plan? This is how it ends?

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Yeah, I have an old phone hooked into my battle net account. I tried to update it, but Cricket is a no go. So I MAY be able play? I have the authenticator on my cricket phone, but 3-4 of my cricket friends and family are screwed. I can get texts from MSFT, Doordash, taco bell, Amazon, walmart, U Haul, paypal, uber, twitter, Adobe, Discord, Twitch, Google… I could go on, it’s a long list.

Must be nice to be blizzard and not need the 74 million prepaid phone users in the US on their service. Just have to wait until they feel like they need to open up the player base more I guess.

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Yup same. I have cricket too. I hope they change this. I don’t have many phone carrier options where I live. I dont know why its being discriminated against. I thought when they were adding this it would be more against temp phones or something. :confused:

Does make any sense why you cant use prepaided phones

Nope, you’re screwed. Blizzard doesn’t care about you, probably never have. I’m in the same boat, but they don’t care and probably won’t do anything about it, because they’re a disgusting company with infants making their policy decisions. Sorry.