Call of Duty MW Warzone won't start


Like the title says, the game CoD MW won’t start on my PC. When i click start Playing the app say Playing Now but nothing happens. The game isn’t listed in Taskmanager. Ending in Taskmanager is only thing to stop it.

I have tried rebooting my pc, reinstalling the game(2x), reinstalling

I got Sophos Antivirus but that isn’t the bug. I think it happend after i update my GeForce Driver to 472.12. All my other games are working, even the ones.

What to do?


I have the same issue with no resolution. All other games load, except for Warzone. I don’t know what else to do…

Same here. Can’t play Warzone and I purchased Modern warfare at half price and it doesn’t even show up in my games list.

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