Call of duty MW installation issues

I reported issue to Activision support already but this can be related to battle net app.
Battle net can’t correctly veryfy call of duty modern Warfare files integrity.
When download was paused, app was restarted or network disconnected, game files being corrupted and game crash mostly at end of loading game or first cut scene of campaign with “Dev error 6328”.
Checking game files don’t detect anything.
Fully re downloading game in most cases fix issue.

Issue was discussed allso in Activision community forum:
community activision com/t5/Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare/Dev-error-6328/m-p/11254699#M2231

So I may have found a solution to the dev error 6328. I recently got a new monitor (LG 38GL950G-B) and all of my games started crashing. This one was giving me the dreaded 6328 as well as many other dev errors and hex value errors. Even occasional blue screens. I figured it had to be a system setting because I’ve got a very well equipped system (See below) and was previously running a monitor with 2k resolution with very few problems. I finally dug around through all of my system settings and I believe I found the solution. I opened up the NVIDIA control panel and changed the color settings under Display/Change Resolution. I checked the “Use NVIDIA color settings” box and set the output color format to RGB. After that, everything seems to be running smooth. I’ve changed the other settings a couple times, but overall this seems to have resolved the issue, not just for this game, but for all of my games, including the ones that were crashing before I got the new monitor. I never would have thought color settings when I was getting dev errors and blue screens that pointed to memory issues. I did several memory scans and system scans that provided no evidence of faulty hardware, so I had to turn to digging through every possible system setting I could find. I hope changing the color settings works for others. If so, please pass it along, because I have seen countless forums with these complaints.

16GB RAM DDR4-3300
EVGA Black 2080 Ti
3x 1TB SSDs
Sound Blaster X7
850W power supply


Thank you for your suggestion, hopefully this works.
Take care.

Many thanks Bro! I own you this! It’s work for me!