Call of Duty MW Campaign Only

Hi Dev Team,

Could we get an option where we can just download the single-player campaign portion of the game??

I only enjoy the campaign and I have no use of the multi-player portion, or the Warzone at all, and yet it is taking up my valuable hard disk space. More annoying thing is, every time I want to re-live the campaign story, I have to download gigabytes of updates that I don’t even need.

I understand this all-in-one thing may be a strategy to get more people into multiplayer and Warzone but there is still a group of causal players who are only in it for the campaign. And to be honest, I’ve got friends who are interested in just the campaign, and they ended up getting a pirated version so that they don’t have to download the many gigabytes every week just to play campaign.

I am willing to pay (and have paid) for the full game because I really really enjoy the Call of Duty campaign. So can I suggest making this option available? Otherwise, I might be better off getting a pirated version to begin with.

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