Call of duty modern warfare lvl down

I have a problem in Call from duty modern warfare with my lvl. Before the update I had lvl 88 when I put the update today so I noticed I have lvl 55, why? what happened to it?

Wow that sucks,Im still downloading the update.Hope I don’t have that issue and wish I could help.

Don’t do the update, I did and now every round i die in i have to pick me loadout, every time i die now i get the Dragon snipper, that’s not even one of my classes. why?

Hey there,

Blizzard is only able to assist with Blizzard Accounts, Blizzard shop purchases, and the install/patch service for the game on PC. Since this is an in-game issue it might be best to discuss the issue with Activision directly.

It’s normal. EVERYONE has dropped to lvl 55 if they were highter then 55. the season ended. so its like Prestige in the old time but its the season.