C# WoW Discord Armory Bot for 9.1

Hello all! Updated my open source Discord WoW ArmoryBot implementation in time for 9.1 Chains of Domination. Has achievement tracking for all of the new 9.1 Achievs.

GitHub - imerzan/ArmoryBot: .NET Core Discord Bot for World of Warcraft Armory Lookups.

See the above repo for screenshots/demo and setup instructions. Can be run on Windows/macOS/Linux (can be run in the background as a Service as well).

If anyone has any questions or suggestions I am happy to assist! Enjoy

EDIT: My latest branch now supports M+ Rating introduced in 9.1
Will build a new release later

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It’s so cool. C # is the most elegant language in the world.

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Yeah, definitely my favorite managed language. Python is good too but not a huge fan of the whitespace.