Buying Modern Warfare from the US store and being able to play in EU?


Hi. If I buy Modern Warfare from the US store will I be able to play it back home in Europe? Or do I have to buy the game again in Europe to play there? It’s cheaper in the US, but I don’t want to lock myself out from playing it when Im back home in Europe. Hopefully you understand my question.

I guess what Im asking is: Is MW universal and can be bought in what ever store I choose? Like Overwatch was/is(?).

Im sorry if this is totally the wrong place to ask this but I could honestly not find a forum where the question fit. If this is the wrong place and there is a better place to post then I’ll gladly delete this and ask in the correct place. Any help is very much appreciated!



Same here. Would love to play this game with my brother in Europe and would be pretty pissed if I can’t do so.
Had that issue with diablo 3 already where I leveled up my character to find out that if I wanted to play in with him in the European server, my character and all its achievements wouldn’t transfer.


You’ll be able to play in any region if you purchase the game. Just take a look at the beta, there are region selections for Americas\Europe\Asia. Wait till open beta to try it out if you are hesitant