Button A is blinking

Button A is blinking

yes. using gamepad the A button (interact with objects, etc) is constantly blinking. on PC


Same here very frustrating. Do they not test their own patches? I discovered this issue within a minute of entering the game.

Me too!!! i play on PC with controller

Same here. After update, my “A” button on my controller is constantly blinking.

Same, using Ps5 controller

Same here, using an xbox controller, playing on PC. Horrendous. I at first thought my a button was stuck, but nope!

After update same here with xbox controller :grimacing:

I have the same issue. I tried to Repair the game, changed the controller etc. Nothing helped. It seems a bug in the game.

after update same here with xbox controller on PC but also cancel channeling skills

i don’t know if they fixed or not. but after i restarted my pc looks pretty normal now. super weird behaviour

Problem is fixed! Thx Guys

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