Burning crusade server community polls

I think there should be community polls asking if there would be interest in a burning crusade fresh server maybe with an increased leveling rate for vanila content. I know others who agree this is there favorite expansion and now that we have fresh era and wotlk we basically have a demand for something different. I dont see why you cant have atleast 1 server with the option of burning crusade expansion. I would be willing to pay the full price for burning crusade again to play it on official servers. Basically private servers give us the option to play the game we paid for whereas the official servers only certain versions of the game are available to play the way they were meant to be played. It doesnt have to be limited to BC either i just think there should be community votes. I cant play on a private server as it violates my consciounce but i want to play these versions of the game i cant play the way they were meant to be played. Any other game you can pop in and play and not worry about losing that game like oblivion for example i know i can always go back to play it but wow expansions you have a year or a bit more with them and then they are gone unless they are favored like vanilla currently is. Sure classic + sounds interesting but does that mean BC will be forever forgotten how about wotlk for those who like that.