Burning Crusade Classic PvP Rewards & Leaderboards API?

It seems like the TBCC PvP Rewards and PvP Leaderboards hasn’t updated in almost a week - since August 8.

More specifically, it looks like the PvP Rewards API is dependent on the PvP Leaderboards API. The PvP Rewards API is still updating regularly, but the PvP Leaderboards hasn’t been modified since Mon, 8 Aug 2022 14:21:17 GMT which is causing the PvP Rewards API to refresh but not update.

Can anyone provide insight into why the PvP Leaderboards API is not refreshing?

I am also having the same issue. Any insight?

It typically auto-refreshes at around the same time but now it hasn’t been for over a week. It could be related to the season prematurely ending early on 8/1 and being restarted manually. Traditionally speaking, TBCC Rewards Index refreshes hourly and continues to refresh for about a week after the season ended (likely to account for indexing disqualified/disbanded teams post-rating pause). This timeline adds up - 8/1, the season ended, and then the rewards index for Season 4 continued to refresh daily (even though there was still ladder activity) until 8/8.

Leaderboards API is still refreshing, but the leaderboards API is “tabled” based on the PvP Rewards Index - from my understanding at least. Essentially, how I understand it to work is the PvP Leaderboards API depends on the PvP Rewards Index to update ranking, but the PvP Rewards Index is totally independent. The root cause (I believe) for leaderboards not updating is the PvP Rewards Index not updating, and my hunch for PvP Rewards Index not updating is someone didn’t “carry the one” when the season was manually restarted on 8/1-8/2 - which then puts us in the position where the API has stopped automatically refreshing.

But as my own disclaimer, this is just my armchair developer understanding. Really need a blue post on this I believe, especially with TBCC prepatch coming on 8/30 which should accurately end the arena season.

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