[BUG] PvP Rewards Index for TBCC Excluding Teams Below 1000

It seems like there is an issue with the PvP Rewards Index API for WoW TBCC. There’s been some analysis floating around based on this.

In summary, this is a symptom of the Arena Rating change that was implemented prior to TBCC launch. It’s a combination of two factors:

  1. Change of arena teams starting at 0
  2. The API itself not considering teams between 0-999 with games played.

The original Burning Crusade expansion excluded teams between 0-999 rating - however, this was also under the assumption that teams started at 1500. When the “true” version of the game transitioned into the system that started at 0 team rating from the system that started at 1500 team rating, there was also a change to the API that caused active teams between 0-999 to be counted in the leaderboards (this was in patch 3.1 Wrath of the Lich King).

Currently, that is not the case as it seems like that API had not been reworked to include those teams (the API of patches between 3.1 and 5.3 Mists of Pandaria, if documented, would be correct as titles were accurate at teams were starting at 0 during this team, prior to the elimination of Arena teams in 5.4). Possibly an issue with the reference client used for TBCC not looking forward to the 3.1 client’s API change based on the team rating change that was implemented?

It’s tough to determine how accurate these claims are due to lack of a leaderboard to cross-verify outside of third party sources, but those third party sources leveraging the PvP Rewards Index API are also seeing that additional bracket slots based on pool size are not being created (most apparent in 5v5) based on active teams participating in the ladder below 1000 rating.

Could there please be some clarity on this? I’m not sure how to deliberately validate this myself but definitely interested to see if someone can confirm/deny the API’s exclusion of teams below 1000.


EDIT: There’s dozens of posts about this in TBC General Discussion. Could there be some clarity provided please?