[BUG] Parental Controls Missing Settings


I am not requesting help like some on this forum, but using it for feedback as intended. There is a relatively new Blizzard account Privacy setting, “Receive private chat messages from friends only,” which cannot be enabled on accounts with Parental Controls active. A message on the Privacy page refers the user to the Parental Control settings. (See image: imgur.com/CJ9TzP0.png)

When you go there, “Receive private chat messages from friends only” is not listed. The page seems outdated and was apparently never updated to add the new setting. Therefore, there is no way for an account with parental restrictions to turn this setting on without removing them entirely.

The same issue is mentioned in the thread above with another setting. Please fix this oversight by adding the same general account settings to the Parental Controls so that they match. It will help resolve it for others experiencing this problem.

I sent in a ticket with the attached screenshot explaining this, but they thought I was talking about “the in-game shop.” (?) However, I understand that the coronavirus has us all frazzled.

Thank you and I appreciate it!