Bug Legendary Gem Drop on Defense of Cyrangar

I am 95% sure that I dropped a legendary gem when killing one of the bosses in the Defense of Cyrangar dungeon with a friend of mine. I was ecstatic about the drop which made it very memorable that I got something. Since the dungeon is fast-paced and I didn’t want to stop to look in my inventory, I couldn’t see what I dropped exactly. I reviewed it after we finished and I saw nothing. Extremely disappointing because I thought it was a pretty good gem, but could def be a human error as well.

Happened to me today also… It was very disappointing.

This is the essence of legendary gem, this give you the power of essence during battle in the Defense of Cyrangar. So that temporary, this doesn’t give you gem…

So the answer was given but the gems that drop only help you with the buffs for the encounter. they are not loot. the only loot you receive will appear before you enter the battle. some activity points, rares, lego chance bout it

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