[Bug?] Horde and alliance item ID found in the opposing faction's recipes

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a reason for there being an item ID for both alliance and horde in recipes where the id is connected to a specific faction?

To me, this seems so illogical. So would I be correct in thinking that this is a bug?

One example would be the faction-specific contracts and the mechanical bike mounts.

|id   |name                |horde item id|alliance item id|
|20289|Mekgineer's Chopper |41508        |44413           |
|20290|Mechano-Hog         |41508        |44413           |

Should this not be?:

|id   |name                |horde item id|alliance item id|
|20289|Mekgineer's Chopper |             |44413           |
|20290|Mechano-Hog         |41508        |                |

That’s how it is in the in-game data. Both recipes produce both items depending on your faction. Both recipes also happen to be faction-specific themselves.

Some recipes are faction-specific only (like Enchanting’s Magic Lamp). Some recipes are not faction-specific but produce different items depending on the faction (like Tailoring’s Uncanny Combatant’s Satin Belt). Some, like these old engineering recipes, do both.

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I see, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: