Bring back the old icon! The new one is garbage

Like the title says.

THe new one is an eyesore and looks like a dozen other icons…keep clicking it by mistake.

Yes, I know I can change the icon. I currently changed it to the poop emoji…which is better then the one the art dept crapped out.


Totally Agree. But the whole new horrible UI of the Bnet Launcher is horrible.
Pure Eyecancer.

remember when they wanted to rename the launcher and it was such a terrible idea they had to change it back from blizzard launcher to battle. net Launcher ? Yeah this is the same story over again. Instead of Updates for great games like Hots or much needed repair on Warcraft 3 Reloaded, we get this garbage.


The new icon is pure Garbage please bring back the old one … or at least give me an option to use the old one… god looks so ugly. since you seem determined to update or improve things how about… updating some games not to be so damn glitchy like Warcraft 3 reloaded. instead we continue to get a stream of hot garbage like diablo immortal…


I am totally behind rolling back to the older icon it looks cleaner and not so (f)ugly. Or at LEAST let us choose which one we like. Removing options from your customers is never a good thing especially if it’s cosmetic on their own machine that in no way affects the program/games.

The new launcher icon actually looks like a biohazard warning icon. Wonder if Bliz even thought that one through? I thought it was malware when I went to launch bnet this afternoon and was almost on the verge of trashing it …had to double check the properties to make sure it was not malware.

And, you cannot even change the icon to the old one because they did not offer it up in the properties listing, only this biohazard icon is showing there.

New icon is garbage and looks like every other icon now. Not even distinguishable. Also looks like the recycle symbol now, which I guess reflects their current content ideas…

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Y, i am not such a big fan of the icon, but the non sense some people are claming is wrong. There may be some buggs, but in fact the battlenet launcher app never has been better than now.