Bring back endorse opponents to overwatch 2

pretty self explanatory, but i will go deeper into it.

if you are trying to foster good sportsmanship why remove the single most good sportsmanship enabling/recognizing feature from the game??? getting an endorsement from the other team always felt better than getting one from my own team (except shot caller maybe), and i always made sure to give props to at least one member of the other team who did really well every game. its super sad and annoying we cant do this anymore! it makes me less invested in caring about the game to be honest.

this coupled with the removal of the match board (where you could click the button to props to one of the top 4 players), and the much shorter amount of time when the chat is available after the match basically make it impossible to give props to the other team (if you are watching the play of the game anyway, which you should be). i get this last was probably a move to lessen the ability for others to be nasty, but in the end that is what reporting players is for (especially now that a banned player cant just make a new account as easily).

i also dont see any reason to limit your endorsements to 2 instead of 3 as it used to be, or for the limiting of the kinds of endorsements to one generic one. the huge limitation of the endorsement system over the previous one in overwatch 1 seems incongruous to blizzards goal of increasing and encouraging good sportsmanship and limiting negative behavior/energy. the endorsement system was the primary way of expressing sportsmanship to all players (including very importantly to the other team beyond a quick and meaningless “GG”) so why limit it? if anything it should have been expanded upon rather than scaled back.

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