BR Racism they own the server

Hello there!, I quit the server many days ago, because my server is SA = BR server, you know the problem of them? they think they own the entire server, the population of spanish speakers in SA is bigger than Br population, even tho they dont speak spanish or english, they think they own the server cuz it happened to me many times, that I asked for a pick and they accuse me to be toxic because they were countered, and as a main diamond healer, I couldnt make them stay alive, since they were countered so bad. And im constantly the toxic one for asking to change, but I got tired, I got tired of being nice with them, so I quit the game, I came back to get Ashes skin and found that the situation is worst, but im tired, since Im main healer you should know im always helping people, but they dont help me at all. Today I was with a friend that got bullied so bad from BR people, until he got mad and called them “macaco” , and they asked the enemy team to report him for racist behaviour, thats fine its fair, but what about their bullying against him? Reporting for racism is easy but what about your selfish attitude? they called him and me an “Inferior race” as we are both latinos… so they bullied him and got many reports, but they paid nothing for the bully they made?, Im tired of this people, Im tired of this server and they think they own it, they defend they race no matter how shi**y they could act, and they report for racism when they are also racist. Im leaving this game because they ruined it for me. BR people do not represent me as a latino person and Im tired of this disrimination, bring latin server again because BR are toxic as hell.

I’m afraid this is not the proper forum to make such complaints.

You should seek help from support or, at least, find the right forum (Overwatch or HotS I guess). You can find the link to the right forum in the game page on the launcher.

Personally there really should be a way to avoid being matched against people of another language. Especially since communication is important in the game.

Also being put on the BR server when I’m in Canada gets really annoying ping times.