Bought OW2 Watchpoint Pack on p.c., can I play on Xbox?

Nobody answered my question on customer support so I was wondering if anyone else did the same as me? I bought the watchpoint pack online on my p.c. and wanted to know if I can still access this on my Xbox which is my main platform. I then saw that they released the same watchpoint pack on Microsoft store through my xbox so I got worried that I might have to refund the one I bought online. Am I still about to access this on my Xbox even thought I bought it on my p.c.? Does anyone know?

Was curious about this as well. I play primarily on playstation, yet the ps store gives me an error when trying to buy the watchpoint pack. Was hoping to be able to purchase it on PC and use it for both. One would assume thats the case being that cross-progression is being added.

Would also like to know this as mainly i can buy the Xbox version of the watch-point pack for cheaper… but will all the content be accessible on my pc?

This forum category is for Blizzard’s public APIs. You won’t get a reply for this question here. I suggest you contact support.