Bots vs Microtransactions

The only reason D2 bots exist and/or survive is that they are making money off of selling items. Would the community rather deal with Bots, or have Blizz insert the option for microtransactions (buying runes etc) into the game?

Here are my thoughts. In college football, one of the top 3 or 4 most Difficult stadiums to play in, is Mississippi State University. Now, when most folks hear that they are like “WHHHAAT?”. The reason it is so difficult to play in this stadium, is the noise makers i.e. Cowbell (like those used in a drumset). Give 20,000 people noise makers, and you can hear the racket from MILES away. For the longest time they were “illegal” and the NCAA banned them from being allowed into the stadium…… cough like that was EVER going to work. So the problem got completely out of hand. THEN the NCAA had the ingenious idea to make the cowbells “legal”, but to regulate when they could be rung, with potential on-field penalties should the fans ring the bells at inappropriate times.


Instead of expending effort (time/money) into fighting Bots why not have Blizz install it’s own In-game microtransactions for buying runes. Then regulate the release/timing of when players get access to higher level runes. Because lets face it, 5 months into a 6 month ladder, who cares if a returning player chooses to buy an enigma for their new character?

Players would see a drop in the number of bots, and Blizz would have more incentive to update D2, and to more actively fight they botters (because they would be cutting into Blizz store profit)

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Neither, in game trading like the developers designed it.


well, YEAH.

While I agree 100%… this isn’t Star Trek where we can be communists without money, and have a 100% employment rate…

People are going to be People, and seek for a 100% way of obtaining that runeword they want. If the only avenue available to them, is to buy from bot supported websites…

Ban/prevent botting and increase the drop rates a little bit like on private servers so you actually see a HR every other day if you play lots, If you decrease the retarded crazy rarity of currency and make it actually a tad more obtainable, less people would be inclined to bot/hack and it would also make bots not making so much irl currency because the prices of it would drop and people could actually find and work towards stuff themselves. Also actively tossing out random banwaves n patches that could disrupt things would also help

The way to stop bots, the only way to stop bots, is for Blizzard to actively combat them by budgeting in a small team to handle the problem.

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I guess that is what i was getting at when i mentioned regulate the release/timing of runes being available in the store.

But I like your idea of tweaking the current drop rates a little. It would probably take the least effort to implement with a proportionately large return.

I guess you and I will have to agree to disagree.

I see the Bots as a symptom of folks wanting to GET THAT LOOT BABY!, and a willingness to pay USD for said loot. If Blizz gave folks access to an official (if regulated and nerfed) in-game store, i think it would benefit everybody.

Think about it. if Blizz only made high level runes/runewords availible from their fictional store, Late into the ladder season, then it would not negatively affect the highly ranked ladder players. The ladder players would have already earned whatever they wanted. But in giving the folks with more $$ than drive/sense an easy outlet for them to get an enigma, it would nerf the whole bot trade to the point of irrelevance.

I was tweaking around with the drop rates of various items including runes in a -direct -txt mod for singleplayer to keep things interesting. I experimented with increasing the drop rates of the higher runes by about five times, I still didn’t see anything above Ist drop until about 3 weeks of gameplay with a level 85 Sorc. It was an Ohm rune. I played for about a week longer and dropped a Lo. So I do agree that the higher runes could still use an increased drop rate.

Even with the massive bump they did on rune drop rates on patch 1.13, I still go seasons without seeing anything higher than Ist. (this season being one of them, level 92 Sorc)

I play at a high level, what I mean is I manually grind out the 90s with high damage hardcore barbarians. The players who can do this and do do this are few and far between. Most players in the 90s can’t solo the WSKs, but have to jump in bot portals at the throne then spam their one skill wonder or sit at the back after they used map hack to find a experience shrine. This is the majority of the 90s community. They are bad at the game. And because these players only level in bot games they don’t get the runes that drop because the bot used the pickit hack to scoop them up. These players don’t deserve to have high runes, simply because they don’t and or can’t put in the work for them.

The players who don’t have the fortitude to repeatedly play in 1000s of bot games, but are not good enough to level a character past 88 are also players who don’t deserve high runes, because they too don’t do the work to get them.

Your MTX idea just expands the ladder problems. What would possibly work is MTX for the pvp community on nonladder.

Micro transactions would be a disgrace to the original Diablo franchise and player base. Paying for power is a big nono for oldschoolers. (Which are the only ones who really play it anymore).

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I would rather have bots. I do not want micro trans in any form. I do not play games then involve them.

Blizzard won’t do much about bots, it’s not in the budget. I’m not going to sweat the small stuff.

Bots and the 3rd party sights are a cancer and it’s what has kill d2 and yes d2 IS a dead game. online gameing in itself has turned into social media gaming no more offline single player it’s all online only what a joke no hardcopys of games just virtual copies or you buy a game and its totally unfinished look at ff7 remake How many fools are going to go out and buy that game when it’s not even finished let’s face it guys gaming is dead it’s all about how to make more $ and how to spend less $ and the only way for thes companies to make $ is To screw people over

Neither bots or micro transactions. Just clear the bots and let the community do as they will. Players will trade, play more, and some will seek out ways to buy items as you suggested. I don’t think programming in solutions for item buyers is critical for the quality of the game.