BOTs need to be addressed BIG TIME!

Check this out, this was 6:45am EST this morning:



Been saying this for a few days now. Getting stupid with all the static “players” firing off their primary skill when nothing is there.

On the “Prime Evils” server there has been at least 14 ‘players’ static in the same area of the map for the past 3 days. 2 of them have not moved a pixel in the past 2 days even after the spawn nerfs. Funny thing is that they are literally wasting time doing this as on checking them, they have moved up 2-3 paragon levels in that time where as playing normally could have at least doubled that number. All they are doing is taking xp away from each other in covering the same AOE.

Also seems to be members of the higher ranked clans on the server doing it.

Absolutely in the video I posted EVERYONE of those players should be perma banned. Why spawn rates were the concern of devs I dont get, you just made it worse for the actual players and didnt fix anything . Gj

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Tbh other than quests in these areas, there are much more efficient ways of farming xp presently. There are neglected areas in other places in the game that have better spawn rates especially for elites. Running elder rifts in a 4 player party will give just as much xp per hour (maybe more if can keep streaks up) with & without crests. Only thing you don’t get in the rifts is monster essence, but those can be obtained in Frozen Tundra, Realm of Damnation & Bilefen where there are virtually no autoclickers/spooners.

It still wrecks the game no matter how you look at it, and this game has enough problems. I am hearing of people quitting it everyday and its brand new for gods sake.

When players started doing this, i would go in and report but i started noticing that you couldn’t join or ask to join or have them join your group. Well after 3 days i found out something very interesting, they were farming in parties of 4 24hrs a day, Before blizzard finally decided to do something Among the mass reporting we did as a server they flooded our servers normal gem market place crashing it. We are still recovering from it, So even if you think it isn’t a big deal its bigger then you might think at first.

I wish blizzard would do more, i get players using a spoon is difficult to see but come on they never logged off the server they would hardly ever move if at all and you are telling me blizzard believes that is a real player come the heck on. Also if a gem drops and you don’t pick it up before it fades away it will be sent to you by in game mail. Isn’t that nice of blizzard!!!

I have had half my clan leave the game because of the pure hatred from the pc community and i don’t mean all pc users just the fanatics, I have had my fare share of it as well saying things like whale harder while starving kids around the world starve because you put so much money into the game.
Even if i report them to blizzard nothing happens to them Because for some reason they don’t consider it to be hate speech i suppose, It has only gotten worse after my second randomly rolled Blood gem 2 out of 5 but still great for my crusader build. The first was a bile 3 out of 5, Now if i do pvp or do leader boards i get messaged asking how much did i whale, how i am the reason pc gaming is dieing. While this Whole time i have spent 5$ on the battle pass.

I am not exactly sure how this relates to the BOT mass farming the game… You may wish to start a different threat as I do understand what you are saying though. The toxicity in Blizzard games just keeps growing and growing and nothing seems to ever be done.


Of course nothing will be done if you dingbats complain in tech support. So many people trying to get the game just to work on their device without reply and they waste their time correcting you people that dont know what qualifies as a technical support issue.

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Then please, by all means genius, point us to the right forum as to where to post such issues… oh wait, they don’t exist. The fact is, it is their code and software that they are manipulating so at the root of the problem is a TECH SUPPORT issue.

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Blizzard Forums there are all the options right there. It does not require a genius.

Here are the ONLY 2 options for MOBILE GAMES SUPPORT or includes the name Diablo Immortal:


  1. Diablo Immortal Technical Support

  2. Diablo Immortal Bug Report

I wonder did you even read what you were linking before you did so? I am assuming not otherwise you would know this as well.


Youre almost there! See how it has a description for bugs and issues you encounter WHILE playing the game in Diablo Immortal Bug Report forums. For someone so passionate about reading you should look at yourself.

Well it s not a bug for a bug report so I would never have posted it there. This forum still seems to be the best choice; however, if you can show me how it is a bug in the game I will happily move it over for you.

It doesnt just say bug, again you’re so big on comprehension so try it. “Bugs and OTHER ISSUES while IN GAME”. All you have accomplished with this dumb arguing is bump your own out of place post and drop other peoples that need help. Great job.

Also imagine thinking people farming is the problem in a p2w game…you have it all twisted.

those guys still haven’t banned

Are you sure they are bots? I figured it was just people fighting monsters in their own instance, meaning you can see the other player but can’t see what they are attacking. I could be wrong though.

Blizzard doesn’t care about cheaters, they only ban people who use “problematic” language.

If its not bots its players using macros(either hardware or software) to stay there auto-attacking and not be kicked from the game for being afk. This is definitely not a phasing issue.

LMAO same thing in Asia. Not as ridiculous, but there’s many.

At first I was wondering what the hell those people were doing particularly in Kuule’s library, but yeah.

Solution? How about paragon level for $10? :->