Bots.. more bots fewer people

lol look at the ladder top 1000 characters all lvl 98+ every single one them a bot too… to do that in 6 months… d2 is a game for bots… humans are wasting their time.


He is right.
D2 went just a joke because of bots.
I play this game since about 15 years. The bad is its the only i keep playing.

TIME to change something!!


The bad is its the only i keep playing.

I think we can all relate =P

It really depends what time your playing though. 5am you won’t get a populated server, but 9pm on a Friday/Saturday night will have more regular games than bots.

Frankly, if they piss you off enough, treat them as a piggy bank, and kill them with a cold sorc for an ez 950k gold

Welcome to Diablo 2, where you can play the game without playing! :rofl:

please wipe the bots before reset. thanks


If they only knew, I’m sure they would do it.

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That’s why you play PoD (Path of Diablo) and avoid botnet (Battle net)

This is why whenever I come back to play, I only play with my circle of friends and we all agree to not use public games to prevent the bot taint.

I stepped off LOD and went back to playing just single player and classic. Tired of all the bots. Blizzard cannot say they cannot stop them either. Any LOD game you see is either baals, cbaals, or something chant; I mean, DUH! Some guy was mad because of the recent realm issues, he lost 40 Jah runes. LMAO, are you kidding me. I played this game since it came out and never farmed one. I had to make all mine from a million countess runs. …and what thorn said about the ladder tops is correct they are bots from 88 up…