Bots... Bots everywhere

There are bots doing Baal runs, bots doing MF runs, bots selling stuff in game, bots giving waypoints.

Can we just get someone to tell us that it’s okay to bot… or deal with the bots so we don’t have 2000 + queue times?

the same thing has been asked by at least a few thousand other people over the last decade. if it hasnt happened yet…it’s not happening

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True, but the queues are crazy now for some reason…

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The Bots of yesterday are nothing like the bot farms that exist today. Now the high end gaming computers can run a ton of them and even have ways to exploit server instability by generating dupes via game crash rollbacks. So not only can your average hacker overload the system with bots they can spam spells and perform actions that when done correctly causes the game to crash. This is how they make dupes and this does add to server instability.

Spamming spells doesnt crash D2 servers at all. Nor does running thousands of bots.

We have many days with a lot of queue, waiting in line, can you fix this please?

We can’t play like this.

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sadly it is a lot easier to join a bot hosted game than creating ur own game. the number of bots probably outnumber actual players.

the bot games are actually preventing real players from creating games to enjoy the game content.

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Yeah there was brief period a few days ago when the realms restarted or something all the bots were off, no queue’s, was able to get plenty of hell meph runs in for a few hours. But now, no point in doing any boss runs now with a 2000+ queue. I should have just made a non-ladder character.

Also, Elvis isn’t dead.
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Impossible. They block all botting when they blocked VPNs and issued 2 week bans.

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To be honest if you have a Auradin you can crash a game but not a server.

people just change ip’s if it’s dynamic and issue another cd key simple there not dumb some people prob run 50-100 bots in 1 computer it’s crazy you see all the guy’s on d2jsp with 100,000,000 fg or more