Boosters ruining RBGs

Greetings Blizzard!

So I bring upon you this issue of mine that has made atleast 100+ of my “closer” friends in WoW quit RBG’s.

Me and some of my friends online started playing RBG’s this season. We pushed 1400, we pushed 1600, we pushed 1800, and we fought our way up to almost 2100… But then we ran into a problem!

We were having games that was … “unwinnable”… What I mean by unwinnable, is that we were matched against almost teams almost full of 3000 cr players playing on alts “boosting”.

By no means, OFC you should face good competition when you climb, I expect nothing less… I expect to face better and better players! When we were 1800 cr we faced 1800-1900 cr ppl, when we were 1900 cr we faced 2000 cr ppl. Like it should be.

But when we were 2000 cr we didn’t run into 2100 cr people… But we ran into 2100 cr people that was actually 3000 cr players on alts! :slight_smile: Hmmmmm

We thought this was just an unlucky game… O well, s#it happens. We probably won’t get 5 caped on Arathi Basin by the next team because they probably aren’t this good. And luckily for us this night, next game we faced a team at our own cr and won.

But next game again… Guess what… another boost team sitting at just over 2000 mmr to play “just easy enough games”, for them to boost at. And the cycle repeats itself…

This “Issue” where you at some point face a BRICK WALL. Is growing larger and larger. The “casual” or “new” player base Looks to be dying from among others, this issue.

Imagine trying to learn boxing… And you might have been doing it for a couple of years now… You work your way up and finally get into a divison, lets say you start in 10 th divison… Learning how to win against 10th divison boxers… You finally advance to 9 divison, and so on. But once you get into, lets say 6 th divison. You don’t meet 6 th division boxers anymore. You meet 1st Division boxers. People who SHOULD NOT be at this “mmr” or league. So you have to fight people at Mike Tyson level, in order to learn.

You wake up the next day, and think to urself… Maybe this was just a bad dream, or unlucky night! I’ll que up agen with my group and see… We play at 2100 mmr today, and face a 2150 mmr team… Not too bad! Nice, we can beat theese guys…

O wait… they’re on alts, their mains are 2800-3000…
Moral destroyed - Players quitting the game one by one.

So that’s the issue I see right now… But I would not present an issue without atleast offering a “kind of solution”…

My first solution would be to BAN boosting overall… But if you don’t want that, then this is something else.

So my solution would be to implement some sort of Boost que. Let boosters face off against eachother. This might make boosters win trade to climb, but honestly, atleast then it woulden’t affect the average Joe, right?

Boost que : Meaning that , in my example, if You que as a team, and you have a CR difference at 200 +, you would be put in boost que.
This would encourage players tryin to climb, from 1800 - 200 etc, to only get people that’s within 200 cr of them.
(This has allready been implemented in some way to League of Legends, Normally when there is people in the game with HIGH Winrates- they will face off against a lobby filled with people who all have HIGH winrates) Leaving the “average Joe” out, but letting the “smurfs” as we call it in League of Legends, battle it out.
And this would also force boosters to think new, maybe there would be way less boosters? What do I know? :slight_smile:

That’s the end of my “rant”, here’s for the one positive community that has kept pushing-

I joined another team, a couple of months ago. New players, fresh blood. We have been learning and practising against the boosters for almsot 2 months now. I would say about 8/10 of our games a day is against boosters. I’m not making this up btw.
We are learning and getting better for each game we play… But People give up every week.
And apparently. We are one of VERY few teams, queing up around 2300-2600 mmr battling boosters everyday.

Is the boosters gonna respond to this post? If so, would they agree that the system needs change? Would they agree that they should stop ruining the game? Do they even think they’re ruining the game? :smiley:

LOOKING FORWARD To see comments, and who actually read this entire thing… Be nice towards eachother

Note- English is not my first language- sorry if it was bad :slight_smile:


In the entire games leaderboards there are 6 players that are rated 3000+ in RBGs and only about 50 players that are rated 2800-3000, between both horde and alliance on every realm, and you have proof that you are playing against these same 50 players on alts every 8/10 games? I doubt it.

Boosting is ruining so much in the game imo. But what you are experiencing is not a boosting problem. It is a team work/game mechanics/team comp problem. Unless you do have proof, than forgive me. But it seems highly unlikely those 50 players are the only ones you are matched up with on their alts 8/10 matches.