Bnet launcher download limit

The download limit feature is great to have but the actual launcher doesn’t adhere to the limit for updates.


Lots of great information here

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This issue is occurring today in '22. I have my limiter set to 2300 KB/s and the most it will go is <1MB/s (@890-940 KB/s currently). The second I remove the limit the download spikes to ~3MB/s. So it seems whatever underlying bittorrent code is at play the limiter piece needs to be reviewed and re-tested.

I’m also getting what appear to be random spikes in CPU/GPU usage during the download process with bnet client open. This doesn’t happen during other times of PC usage when the client is closed.

Specifically for the CoD: Warzone update(~90gig) if it helps track down the hosts/limit rate issue.

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nice opinion my friend, i agree with you

O problema persiste, aqui também limita em 1mb/s, sendo que poderia alcançar 30mb/s.