Bnet Launcher constantly resizes itself

Hey guys I’m not sure what’s causing it but any time I minimize or close the launcher it resizes itself and takes up my entire screen. I adjust it back to where I want, but if I minimize it again it just resizes again. It’s been happening to me a few months now and its driving me crazy. Any ideas what might be going on with it?

The intended behavior is for the app to save the configuration. If that isn’t working, it means the app data is corrupt. This happens when an update is interrupted or a security app takes over the directory.

  1. Close all background instances of Bnet and Agent.exe.
  2. Go to %appdata%\\ (use Winkey +R and paste that).
  3. Delete the file with an alphanumeric name and .config after it. Not the battlenet one.

Sweet thank you. I’ll give that a shot.

This seems to have done the trick thank you!


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