Bnet down? Game login down?

Clocking on bnet and logging into hots. 5 minutes. Restarts/relaunchs, etc.

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10 minutes ago –

[#BNet] We are currently experiencing a DDoS attack, which may result in high latency and disconnections for some players. We are actively working to mitigate this issue.

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I bet it’s the Russians!.. Damned commies!

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interfering with my happiness

another ddos attack i swear people really like to ruin others game time


Blizzard announces that the DDOS attacks have ended… see:

Best of luck in your games !

Still can’t log in. Damn Russians

And I just lost my HC 85 Pally coz the server dropped & Kicked me out, when I reloaded Diablo he was dead. FFS

Да да во всем виноваты русские…
Я думал в России много идиотов…