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I simply cannot log into to the client. I can log in on the browser, but the desktop app keeps returning the same error. It says it’s an issue on the other end, however, this issue has been persisting for several days.

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this is happening to me, but I see nobody bothered to help you either… so I have 0 hope in getting help now.

edit: here I managed to fix the problem myself hopefully this also fixes it for you if you’re still having the problem:

I usually login to the Americas version of but I’m from EUR, what I did is click the cog (settings icon) before logging in to battlenet and change my region to my home region (EUR) and logged in then it prompt me for my DoB before I could proceed, when I logged out and tried to login again on Americas version of the launcher again it then worked.

how to change the region if you need to know that:


Moira, thank you so much for this. Worked for me :smiley: