BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 - Infinite Scan/Repair loop

I use WMV and it was failing to identify my game files, so I did a scan and repair, but now my game continuously updates, fails, then attempts to update again. I went to disable my proxy server, but it already was. I did not follow “Disabling Offline Mode in Internet Explorer” because I don’t use internet explorer, nor is it open. If it is required I will but I don’t see how this would fix the issue. Everything I have it up to date, and I have no anti-viruses running. I don’t know what else could I do to stop the update loop, because my game is up to date but even when I cancel the update, it still tells me I need to.

Hey there Athena,

The BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 error is a general error that means files could not be written or downloaded. It can be caused by interfering programs, damaged files, permissions, or a connection problem. Since it’s so broad for causes, narrowing it down can be tricky. I like to try the following to address each of those causes.

  1. Try creating and switching to a new administrator account. This can help even if you’re already using an admin account.

  2. Sometimes removing the whole application and reinstalling it is needed to clear out damaged files. We want to be thorough and remove files left behind with a normal uninstall even, which includes a couple extra steps as follows:

  • Uninstall the application]
  • Press Windows key + R and type in %temp%
  • Delete anything related to Blizzard or
  • Do the same for %programdata%, %localappdata%, %appdata%
  • Reinstall the application. Link to the installer is here
  1. Testing an alternative network or mobile connection via a tether or hotspot can help if it’s a connection issue occurring. Often times this is just needed as a temporary workaround with future patches working as well as being able to play on your normal connection.

Hopefully these help out. Cheers!