BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 after update Warzone

After update to this version: when the scan the files, I received this error message and I can’t go on.
I tried to scan the files many times and also the windows 10 scan disk.

What more to solve this issue?


I’m having the same issue…

i was having the same error code till i logged out for 8hr to come back to a ban and no email stating the reason or sort

im having the same issue my pc did crash before happing tho

Same Issue. Computer has been crashing a bunch today due to GPU issue. When I tried to scan files. it fails and I get this error. i uninstalled the game and when I try to reinstall I get this error. not sure what to do.

Howdy Kenshi77,

These errors can happen for several different reasons. Have you tried any of the steps here?

I found the solution in the below video:

The steps are the following( consult the video if you are in doubt):

  • Delete Blizzard folder in ProgramData;
  • Inside game installation folder, delete everything except Data folder;
  • Now, inside Data folder, delete every file under 2Mb size;
  • Disable you antivirus to avoid interference;
  • Run a scan and repair inside app.