[Blue Post Requested] D2 Patch vs Remaster | Opinion & Question


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Yes without bots d2 will instantly die because why would players want to play a fair game without anyone cheating?

Don’t we all hate when everyone is on equal grounds?


Everyone Is On Equal Grounds When They Have Access To Cheap End Game Gear
Not Just The People That Play All Day Everyday That Can Farm It Themselves
Or The Rich Guys That Can Just Buy It
Bots Level The Playing Field


This game is 75% skill 25% gear. Bad players need bots and jsp to make them feel superior.


Bots are cheating buying items off 3rd party sights is cheating d2 is full of cheaters just like d3 blizzard just needs to put a END to classic b net and shut it down forever I’d be happy to play single player bc oh diablo is a SP game with the option to go online not online with the option to play sp The Internet has spoiled all you millennials and generation Z you guys wouldn’t know what to do without the Internet


Games like Starcraft & Warcraft got remastered. But has anything really changed?

Both ScR and War3 are new coded games. They are also working on adapting them to 64 Bit processors. They are doing the same thing with D2—their most difficult project. We’ll likely get the announcement at BlizzCon 2020—D2’s 20th birthday.

Like ScR and War3 the core game will not be changed, but we will get new features and content.


Keep dreaming…
You know what happened on last blizzcon where everyone expected something about diablo.


This game is 20 years old. I’m not sure why you’re so worried about it being “dead”. There are very few 20 year old games that are still played at all, and it’s usually by old players who are either nostalgic or just invested so much time into that game they grew to like it how it is.

Old games don’t need to be “fresh”. They only need to be preserved for either the people who still like to play them as they are, or the future generations to learn how the retro games were. Sometimes you hit the jackpot with that, like the insane ammount of hype and money Blizzard is currently getting with WoW Classic (living proof that people don’t always want changes and new content).


We just need an impossible quest to do, like uber X10.

Something that takes a team of 8 players on the same page.

Fix the lag issues, unpatch some patches. Make accounts tagged with lag bar like sc.


Bots ruin the game, and make the ladder system worthless. :frowning:


Yup, 100%.

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How do you do that, I’d love to be able to play v1.09 again!


I install from my good ol’ CD in a Windows XP VM. Then I install the patch, which I have burned in an old backup CD along with patches for like 50 different games I used to play, back in like 2004 or so and still have in my old CD drawer.

Obviously, no online multiplayer except with LAN or something like Gameranger. But I only play offline anyway.

If you have the retail CD version, you can surely find the patch installer in the internet somewhere. Notice it has to be the old original release of D2:LoD or something of that era. The battle chest comes with a more recent patch. I think it’s 1.12, but don’t quote me on that.


be quiet and go to bed old man