[Blue Post Requested] D2 Patch vs Remaster | Opinion & Question


Hey everyone!
As a Diablo 2 veteran, I take huge interest in Diablo’s development and its community.

A lot of people talk about the idea of the game being remastered. Although, the idea does sound appealing, I do not support Remaster project.

Games like Starcraft & Warcraft got remastered. But has anything really changed? Gameplay, mechanics, objectives, skills & etc all remain unchanged. Throwing pretty clothes on does not suddenly make a “better” or a “new” person.

Instead, I urge everyone to consider the possibilities of new potential content, bug fixes, balance patches, buffs & nerfs:

  • We all know that tons of content was unreleased: Guilds, runewords, quests, NPCs, items & etc.
  • New difficulty level: MythicNot for solo play — Every mob has 2-3 resistance types. Things such as Infinity Runeword & Lower Resist Curse will have no effect. This would encourage people coming together as a team once again. Remember the days when Level 26 sorcs had to tele to baal on Normal to allow everyone else do the runs?
  • With the introduction of 1.10 OP runewords & increase game difficulty, a lot of vanilla content has been left unattended, thus making it practically obsolete. Examples of that would be Bowazons, Feral Druids, Nova (Light), & many ingame sets/items (Grandfarter ^^) & many many more.

With that in mind, as someone who does statistical programming for living, I do not believe that those would require much of a “from scratch” scripting. as a lot of things can simply be numerically altered.

Having said all of that, I would love to see just a tiny bit of extra content introduced into such an iconic game as Diablo. Sadly, Diablo 3 looks like powerpuff girls on steroids to me, so I never took liking to this “sequel”.

But at the end of the day, we all know that current Diablo team has never even played Diablo 2, as well as none of the original Blizzard North members are around any longer, it is all wishful thinking.

But perhaps, a Blue Post might shine some light. Brutal honesty is better than lies. If game is forgotten, let us know.


Blizzard will do nothing to d2 it’s fine just the way it is


:skull::skull::skull: NO CHANGES :skull::skull::skull:

Only bugfixes and improve their awful netcode, as well as all the problems with the Asia server.


dont post here about changing d2

to many fanboys who think this game is the holy grail

the game has countless flaws that need fixing and anyone who says its “fine” is a complete moron.


I would looooooooooooooove to have a mythic mode!!!

Ubers are closest thing to it, but are only 3 levels. Would be amazing for an incredibly difficult mode where top tier perfect gear cannot even clear this alone.

D2GA sort of hit this with their version of ubers, and requires a well organized party to work together.

Bringing parties back together and not blitzing through the game would be great!


No, it is not fine. It is not fine when everyone playes same 3 builds - Hammer for farms, smiter for Uber, Lightning sorc.
Ever see Bowazon, feral druids, Novamancers or even PnB? Ever see A3 mercs running around? No, you don’t. As with new OP runewords, they all became obsolete.

It is like you have 100 Tshirts in your close and you ONLY wear those 2 and claim your wardrobe is “fine”.


If you guys don’t like it just click on uninstall Diablo 2 and find a new game to play


Problem with doing radical changes at this point is that the chance they make things worse is huge. As you said yourself, the current Blizz team is not a team of hardcore D2 players who understand the game.

Thankfully there are lots of mods that change the gameplay and offer those things you ask for, so those who want that kind of stuff may try that.

I don’t think that’s a good idea, since one of the base design principles of Diablo 2 is that all the content must be soloable (especially since the game has a singleplayer mode).


lol dude you ever play vanilla 1.0?


It was already somewhat not soloable back in the 1.09 days. I recall back when a lot of sorceresses were dual frozen orb / nova sorceresses who max out Orb / Nova / Lit mastery / Warmth…

Back when I tried to solo ancients, I had a hell of a time reset the ancients because at least one of them always spawned as dual ice/lit immune and my merc was simply not strong enough to take on them. I had to reset them a large number of times before getting the right combination, and even then without being able to buy mana potion, it was one hell of a fight.


Hyperbole much,
There are a lot more viable end game builds than in D3.
I use summon necro for Ubers and blizz sorc for mf.
Fire sorc and Java zon are good alternative java for chaos/ cows fire sorc for Andy mephisto countess


Lmao “Quality of life changes” what a joke Like I said blizzard can do nothing with this game their programmers don’t know what they’re doing with this games old code and they will create more problems than they solve


Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I actually still play with 1.09 patch, on singleplayer. And all the content is definitely soloable.


they can definitely improve server quality and fix the problems that make, for example, the Asia realm completely unplayable.

If private servers can do it, Blizzard definitely could do it (hopefully better).

Blizzard can also make the game run on a native resolution rather than a poorly upscaled 800x600 with proper upscaling filters and a higher resolution UI.

There are many things they can do that would make the game better without changing gameplay.


the diablo 2 pvp arena is the entire game
no need to reduce stash
leave body as is
leave sorb as is or it would make elemental damage op
juvs working fine
re enable packet fast tp


I don’t care for balance changes tbh. Only bugfixes.


The game needs moderation.


Eh, I don’t play “the meta”. There are many viable builds that can solo hell no problem and are a lot of fun to play. And this game is so old people are already used to how it is. For changes, there are many mods. I think the original game should be intact in that regard so that people can choose between it or the mods.


The game is very well balanced in hell. The imbalance is in pvp and on the ladder between legits and players whom buy their gear on the various websites. The game should not be changed in any way to suit the desires of the pvp community, the botting community, nor the jsp community.

What would be nice is if they can clean up the bots and implement a different ladder theme or some kind of new ladder competition like they do with D3, or even some kind tournament. Of course none of these thing could ever happen with bots on the servers and players buy their gear off them.


You forgot the botting problem though, having a remaster means that a new botting program has to be made and that doesn’t mean it would be hard to detect by blizzard, I see a remaster as the only thing that can save us from botting… which would mean a legit community and thus a way better gaming environment.