Blood Rose - Undoable on European servers

The boss is nearly undoable since people keep running into the boss with auto-navigate, half of them don’t even speak English and we can’t explain to them why running into the self-heal attack of the boss is bad.

Also, a boss which can heal up to full health because of 1-2 ignorant players is pretty bad design. I’ve been doing this for more than an hour now and people keep running into it, standing in it afk, etc.

Could we simply nerf phase 3 or instead of a self-heal attack, the boss could instead do an insta-kill attack in the same radius? These bosses shouldn’t take hours to do.


Its hilarious, as its ONE simple to see mechanic, with a lot of advance warning.

Even so its become very apparent that this is too much for the mobile market, and it attracts trolls as well.

My solution: if you get sucked in, the boss still gets healed, but the vine spits you out to the edge of the fight where it then locks you in a vine prison until. First trip you can be set free, second you are there until the boss dies. People have to set you free so if its a troll they can leave you there, this will also interrupt the trolls gameplay.

Realistically, just change the effect from healing the boss to insta killing the players and no one will screw it up.

It might be a simple and “easy to learn” mechanic, but in truth, it’s still an illogical dumb mechanic that works terribly on an open public map. To my knowledge no other boss have this healing mechanic, which teaches everybody to just tank/attack every boss. Also, if there’s one group who knows about this, then comes another new player who doesn’t, and another, and another…
It’s certainly infuriating, but it’s understandable that people don’t understand why THIS boss is different.