Blizzard's rules about blocked players

Blizzard has a specific rule, in which all accounts have a limit to block players who have heavy behaviors or who simply disconnect when they want, this obviously ruins the game to other players but Blizzard seems not to take the necessary importance, it is necessary that Blizzard take the necessary importance to sanction these players.

One of the biggest issues is Blizz has they have weaponized the reporting system. Much better is team vote to kick. Easy. Yah that can be abused too but it doesn’t cost you your account. You get reporting for playing a character a 4 pack or 5 pack doesn’t like. You get reported for asking folks to group up. You get reported for not communicating. You get reported for being TOO complimentary because it must be sarcasm. It is a completely porked system and they refuse to address it. The reason there are so many good low levels i soo many had to create new accounts due to this pathetic system, IMO