Blizzard wasting my weekend differently

SO instead of playing HS, DI, and WoW. I have been stuck trying to get the authenticator removed from my main account. So I submit the request and they auto-reply with a list of required info. I type it all out and open a new ticket referencing the last as they asked and provide the information requested. this in turn triggers an auto-response asking for personal information needed in order to remove the authenticator. So I again do as they asked and type it out in a new ticket with the reference numbers at the top and send it. Know what happened next? YOU GUESSED IT! This ticket triggers an auto-response from game master #3 asking for the information I had sent the second time and the third time. I tried to not use the word authenticator but it fails and loops me in a suspension appeal topic for some reason. Finally made a ticket with attached info making it look like something that requires reading but it says my tickets are maxed.
What started this was happiness turned total aggrivation. I had bought a new SSD M.2 (Predator). Very nice 2TB one with speeds hitting 7300. I put a fresh copy of windows on it. Now nothing recognizes the machine and requires genetic material in order to log back in. No, not that… worse, it requires 2 layer authentication. Well, except my bank which I find to be ironic as hell.
This is my overall perception of 2auth. When it’s not active, you are required to know your password and username or have some hoops to jump through to reset it. With 2auth, it does not matter if you know both of them. Put them in and it wants to send a code. You MUST have it or else you cant log in. G-mail will not let you in so that is lost forever and MS says they will help but never get back to you. So if you change your number or lose access to it or your phone. You are in trouble. If someone steals your phone and gets by the 4 digit pin… they can own you. They dont need your username or password either. Just that phone cause they can have it changed and it will send a pin to log in. How is this better security?