Blizzard Update Agent process causes entire Internet to crash

I recently started having disconnects that last up to 1 minute every half-hour or so when playing Blizzard games. During these times, all my devices ; PC, mobile, TV, etc… remain connected but have no Internet access : livebox is fine and shows that the Internet is supposed to be working.

I think the issue is the background process “Blizzard Update Agent (32 bits)”.

Disconnects happen even without any games launched, only if the Windows version of is launched, more precisely if the “Blizzard Update Agent (32 bits)” process is running : keeping only “Blizzard Update Agent (32 bits)” while killing any other processes still causes disconnects.
At my suprise, killing it prevent all disconnects. I’m a bit surprised that a background process on my PC can crash my entire Internet.

Killing this process every time I open the launcher solves the issue for me, as I didn’t experience any more disconnects. I occasionally check if it still causes problems, and it does still cause disconnects up to this day.


It sounds like something is causing your router cache to get overloaded. Your router is supposed to automatically clear this when it’s done with data. If you completely reinstall the launcher it should solve any problems with the launcher itself. I’d also do an extended power cycle on your router/modem and reset your PC - to clear all those network caches. Anything further would likely be due to the router itself slowly dying, and you’d probably be able to fix it by swapping the router with another one. If you’re renting yours from your ISP, this should be relatively easy to do.

Reinstalled the launcher and have no more disconnects. Thank you !

Excellent, thanks for the follow up and let us know if anything else comes up!