Blizzard support is horrible compared to what it used to be

My Daughter got wrongfully banned on Overwatch. No description of what she did. 0 cheats used. No number to call. No person to talk to. I am absolutely floored.

This is not the blizzard I loved from 8-10 years ago. Games I feel are going down hill. Nothing really new. Support compared to that time period is terrible.

I am pretty much to the point of pulling all monetary support for blizzard and never spending another dime. I have multiple friends that feel the same way. Shame on you blizzard for losing sight of how to treat customers and what customer support should really be like.


나두 사용하지 않은 핵사용으로 영구 정지 당했어.
오버워치 시즌 1부터 꾸준히 해온 댓가가 영구정지야.
너무 가혹한것같아…ㅜㅠ

Blizzard has never allowed ban appeals via phone. The CS folks don’t hand out the bans and are not part of the investigations to overturn them. It would be a waste of your time and theirs, not to mention some people get abusive to CS. Phone call in, back when they had an input line, was for Billing, Account Access (lost password, authenticator, etc), and some Tech Support issues.

These days those functions are handled by Ticket, Live Chat (text) or Phone Callback (although those are limited during the pandemic).

If someone wants to appeal an account action, the only way has always been via ticket. Your daughter should have received an email about the account action with a general reason for it. Check the spam and promotions folders if her email filters things. If she did not get one, when she appeals she can ask for it to be resent or the reason quoted. how to appeal Blizzard account actions is covered in the Support article here

Yeah it is quite a flawed approach(goes back to the 90s). They should ban cheaters and tell them what they got banned for. If one doesn’t state a specific ban reason(anti-cheat detected wallhacking,aimbotting,etc) to pin it on the cheat author, what happens is the “cheat sellers” say “it could have been a report ban or you were obvious with the cheat”. In most cases the ban ambiguity enables cheat sellers to keep the money they make from any sale and sell even more cheats.

Some might argue it is giving the cheaters free information(explaining how the ban occurred), that information is not meaningful if they lose credibility. Each time their cheat is banned for being detected their clientbase loses faith, it becomes harder for cheaters to justify spending $$$ on a cheat if it is 100% stated by the game company is the cause of their loss of account.

Most cheaters do not talk to each other. Their interactions are with the seller, the cheat itself, and the game. If their only source of contact is the seller telling them what happened… it is why detected cheats are a source of revenue.

Love the blizzard white knights. My daughter did nothing wrong. She plays on an administratively locked down computer of mine. I have thoroughly gone through the computer. I work in IT. Her play area is like 4 feet from mine.

I have discussed many things via the phone with CS over the years of playing.
many of which got to a manager who admitted they were wrong. You are wrong Miss Cheeta about dial in support previously. 100%

No input and no reasoning given and no way to dispute the issue is totally wrong. Hearing sorry we think you cheated and the ticket instantly being pushed to resolved with no way to discuss is just wrong.

I have contacted the BBB and will be contacting a Lawyer. Blizzard has lost multiple customers on this one.

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While people did call in for things they were not supposed to, that is not what it was for and is a large part of why call in no longer exists. Live Chat and Phone callback are only for the issues they want live support for. Tickets are for everything else.

You will want to provide your lawyer with the EULA the account holder agreed to and the legal terms.

You can find all that here

This specifically contains the contact information your lawyer will need.

Threats of lawyers and the BBB are more transparent than air. If you were genuine you would move on and get her into a different video game, life does not start nor end with Overwatch.

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You do you boo boo. This is about principle and birthday gifts of overwatch boxes etc. And a game my daughter has played and loved since she was young. She absolutely did nothing wrong. Move your troll self on to another something. I plan to make a point.

I highly doubt this. Ban, block, etc…actions by Blizzard are always explained via email to the account holder.

We got an email about call of duty…She got banned in over watch. Absolutely no cheating going on. She sits 4 feet away from me on my laptop. Doubt all you want. Not gonna stop what I am doing.